Louise trained in Fine art-painting and graduated from Nottingham University in 1996. In 2002 as part of an exhibition about domestic environments, Louise hand printed some wallpaper which was about the British obsession with tea drinking. At the time there were very little interesting wallpapers on the market so Louise pursued this idea further and in 2003 was awarded a small Prices Trust loan to start her new business of designing and making hand-printed wallpapers. Working from her studio in Brighton Louise spent the first year hand screen-printing all of her wallpapers to order but demand quickly outgrew supply and Louise moved production to a wallpaper factory in the north of England.

11 years on and Louise Body Ltd is now run by Louise and her husband Jonny from a studio in St Leonards On-Sea on the south coast of the UK.

As well as designing wallpapers and fabrics for her own company, Louise has also worked alongside and collaboratively with other brands including Paul Smith, Dr Martens, and Laura Ashley.

Louise's work has made its place in history by being included in the wallpaper collection at the V&A museum in London and has been included in the following publications: 'The Cutting Edge Of Wallpaper' by Timothy Brittain-Catlin and 'Wallpaper and The Ultimate Guide' by Charlotte Abrahams.

Louise creates her designs by using a combination of drawing, painting and photography. Her designs often have a feeling of nostalgia and she uses personal experiences and objects in her designs such as Marney's Lace (lace she inherited from her grandmother) and her children's wallpaper collection which includes Louise's drawings from her own childhood.

Louise has exhibited her wallpapers and fabrics in many trade shows across the world including London, Paris, New York and on the catwalk at the Armani Theatre in Milan.